Guatemala Dental Mission

On January 25, 2016 Dr. Jankowski and his team traveled to a dental clinic in a remote village in Guatemala to volunteer their time for a week. This trip was the result of a year of planning and made possible with the support of the Open Wide Foundation. The purpose of this visit was to offer free dental care to the people of Guatemala as well as training and mentoring local Dentists and dental auxiliary staff.

During the week the team saw many patients. Most of the patients got up very early in the morning to make the drive to the clinic and wait in line to secure their spot. They then would be registered and given an appointment time for that day. This process for some would be a full day as they would have to drive five hours to get to the clinic.

Watch the Video:

"This experience was incredibly humbling and inspiring. The people of Guatemala are so genuine and I felt honored to be able to donate my time to this incredible opportunity"

Dr. Raphael Jankowski

"One of my patients was an 85 year old man who had never been to the dentist. This patient needed extensive treatment which I knew would take multiple hours. When his appointment was finished he was so grateful and thanked us many times for coming and helping him"

Jenny Brouwer RDH